Located 2 km from the city of Cusco (3,500 masl) Sacsayhuaman etymologically means sated falcon or marbled head. In the complex you can see zigzagging walls of megalithic fracture towers bases, aqueducts, tunnels (chincanas, ceremonial temples, artificial lagoon, rodadero (Suchuna), and the esplanade where the “Inti Raymi” festival of the sun is staged in the month of June, month in which many visitors are present to appreciate this colorful ceremony and remembering the Inca customs.







Antara Perú

Antara Travel began tourist market operations in 2001, duly accredited as a tourist company registered in Public Registries of Peru, the corporate name is Antara Travel Agency E.I.R.L.; the main purpose of the company is to guarantee and provide the best services in the tourism industry, which is every day more competitive. Antara Travel has skilled personnel and extensive experience thus provide the best attention to the customers.


  Oficina Principal:  Jr. Sacsayhuamán B - 10 Urb. Dolorespata          -           Sucursal: Avenida La Costanera D - 17   -   Cusco - Perú.

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